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About Me

I specialize in custom, pixel perfect WordPress Development.

Years of working at one of the top WordPress Agencies in Indianapolis has taught me exactly what is needed to be a part of a successful website project.

Whether you're an agency that needs a developer with relentless work ethic, a designer that needs someone reliable to bring their vision to life in a reasonable amount of time, or a small business owner that dreams of peace of mind that their website will just work how it's supposed to, I can make it happen.

EndorsementsWhat others are saying about working with me.
Brad has been a great developer for us! He's been flexible when we need him to be flexible, and helps us understand when things get technical. Brad is fair and honest, and has gone out of his way to make our site great and the process as easy as possible. We are very thankful for him, and would recommend him to anyone!
Adam Bender/itown church
Working with Brad was a completely professional yet also totally personal experience. From the beginning of the project he was very hands on, making sure we were in the loop every step of the way. He took feedback and direction with ease but wasn’t afraid to interject his opinion where it was needed. He went beyond the call of duty when we had a few hosting issues. His attention to detail in the end made our launch a success. We are grateful for his positive energy and definitely endorse his work!
Mike Schleibaum/Darkest Hour
In my experience on technical projects, the communication cost between dedicated specialists accounts for most of the time (and value) that gets squandered. When, for instance, designer, developer, strategist, and project manager stay in their respective comfort zones, you have teamwide tunnel vision. That leads to long delays when you’re lucky, and inferior results when you’re not. Brad is indeed a very capable developer, and that’s not to be taken for granted, but the thing that’s so unique about working with him is how well he bridges all of those gaps. He’s constantly anticipating design, strategy, and schedule implications that most developers ignore. He’s got a mind for the whole project – and the GOAL – and that pays for itself many times over.
Rob Collie/PowerPivotPro
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